Bravo BigStick
Conical devilstick
for professional
circus skills
Quick, precise play

    Bravo BigStick

Conical silicon covered devilstick

We recommend this devilstick for those searching for a professional tool for their performances. Its lenght and weight is greater than of the flowersticks (tassel-ended devilsticks) and so we suggest this for children above 10-12 years. This devilstick is perfect for spectacular performances with broad, fast and accurate moves.

Set (all is included)

• conical wooden devilstick with silicon
• wooden devilstick handsticks with silicon
• velcro strap for convenient storage
• waterresistant shoulder case for
   comfortable carrying

Features (why to choose it)

• conical shape, no tassels
• silicon cover for easier control
• provides new challenges to flowerstick
   players as it is harder to play with
• forces the player to play precisely

Patterns (choose your favourite)

Bravo BigStick - Moonlight
+ Quick View
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Bravo BigStick - Starlight
+ Quick View
+ Price/Order
Bravo BigStick - Sunlight
+ Quick View
+ Price/Order

Some Instagram photos of the Bravo BigStick

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