Bravo Fidgettoys
If you can't resist the impulse to move,
just grab for
your fidgettoy!

    Bravo Fidgettoys

The tools of the global fidget craze

The fidget toys provide extra sensory input for kids and adults who need things to touch, feel and fidget to calm their nervous system. According the concept, the fidget toys can help improve concentration and attention to tasks, and they are relaxing and satisfying. The fidget toys occupy your hands while your brain can still focus on other things. They ease boring and stressful situations and calm down their users.

Set (see pictures below)

• wooden and metal parts
• net and marble

Features (why to choose it)

• pocket-size toy
• calming and satisfying
• everybody loves fidgeting

Bravo FidgetBug
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Bravo FidgetSnake
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Bravo FidgetCobra
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