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Bravo Bungee Stick - silver

Bravo Bungee Stick - silver
Bravo Bungee Stick - silver

The Bravo Bungee Stick is a bounce back trick stick.

Hook the rubber cord over your finger, then release the stick. It is that simple, ...or is it? Try different launches. Sling and spin the Bravo Bungee Stick, and try to catch it after it bounces back.

The set includes
• capped stick with bungee cord & metal part
• case

Best features
• bounce back effect

Available for order

Bravo Juggling produces and sells juggling props and skill toys. Bravo Juggling is famous for its professional flowersticks and devilsticks, wide range of finger toys (begleri, penspinning stick, etc.), much loved juggling balls and so on.

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