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We are happy that you like our toys and that you are considering to buy some.


The quickest way of ordering is directly from our website using the 'Buy Now' buttons under the items. In this case Paypal account or bank card should be used for the payment. After the dispatch of your parcel, we will provide you with the tracking number so you will be able to check the way of your order to your shipping address.

Alternatively, you can order via email. For that, please give us your location (shipping address, country) so that we could calculate the shipping fee too. In this case, the payment can be made via Paypal, bank transfer, Barion gateway (bank card). You can also ask for alternative shipping options. Our usual shipping partners are the Post (EMS), DPD, TNT (FedEx).


We sell most of our props through reseller partners. We can probably direct you to a local shop, contact us for assistance.


Simple Buyback Guarantee

We provide buyback guarantee within 8 days if the product is not damaged and you have the invoice. The shipping cost is paid by the client. We return the counter value of the product by bank transfer within 30 days or you can use this amount for a new purchase on our website.

Defective goods

Due to strict quality control at all production stages up to the dispatch, we can confidently state that complaints are rare. However, we guarantee to repair or replace every product with defects in materials or craftsmanship.

Lost packages

We will send you a replacement package free of charge if the shipping company confirms that your package has been lost in transit or damaged due to the delivery process. We ask your patience during the investigation process, it may take 2-6 weeks. Please inform us as soon as your tracking information shows irregularities.

  Custom props

We are ready to produce juggling toys of your preference. Customization generally does not affect the price but we always do a pre-calculation.

Over the years, we developed and tested by several players our own dimensions and designs, and made up toys which are well playable for beginners and for experts as well. Even though we find our props perfect, you might like some modification or adjustment to get a toy that you are already used to or you are just dreaming of.

It is possible to customize the size, pattern or material of the props you intend to order. Let us know via email, what you would like and we will send you a special offer. If you are planning to buy a unique devilstick, our Custom BravoStick page might help, study the options we can offer.