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Bravo Flow Rope 120 - Robin

Bravo Flow Rope 120 - Robin
Bravo Flow Rope 120 - Robin
Rope Flow is a new fitness trend, it is part jump rope, part dancing, and is a great physical exercise that encourages the skills of rhythm, timing, and coordination between the left and right brain. Rope flow incorporates cardio, strength training, martial arts, and dance.

There is one size for all users, 4 m in length which can be shortened with knots, if needed.

You can choose from different weight options according to your strenght and style. The Bravo Flow Rope 120 is the lightest, it weighs 120g. The Bravo Flow Rope 240 is 240g. The Bravo Flow Rope 360 is the heaviest, it weighs 360g.

The Bravo FlowRope is sold in a bag.
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