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Fluorescent toys

Check out our fluorescent toy selection. Put these items under the sun or a lamp for about 10 minutes, then they will glow in the dark.


Exercise your fingers!
Pocket-version devilstick for finger tricks. With this small, light and barely larger than 20 centimeter devilstick you can learn and present penspinning and contact tricks. It is great when you are on the go since thanks to its tiny size you can take the Bravo FingerStick with you in the pocket of your bag and can take it out anywhere for some playing.
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Aluminum-core flowerstick.
The BravoStick Eclipse devilstick has light but durable aluminum core so its weight concentrates to the tassel ends.
We recommend this devilstick to those who are looking for an aluminum alternative of the BravoStick Elements.
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Cheerful patterns, white tassels & durable materials
The silicone cover of the devilstick ensures optimal cohesive hold for all tricks. Thanks to the durability of the fiberglass devilstick core, it is appropriate for tricks combined with kicks.
We recommend this devilstick to those who are willing to pay more to get a durable and good-looking set and plan to invest time and energy to learn advanced tricks.
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