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Bravo Juggling presents: Stick Heroes / 2018. 07.


Altough Kasuya is just 16 years old, he is among the best players, his devilstick act earned the 1st place at the receint championship of the International Juggling Association. Enjoy his skillful performance!

Name: Sho Kasuya

Age: 16

Nationality: Japanese

Place of living: Tokyo

Job: High school student

How many years have you been juggling with devilsticks:
4 and half years

The number of devilsticks you have:
Seven flowersticks and two devilsticks

Your juggling achievements (prize / performance / trick that you are most proud of / etc.): IJA championships 2018 juniors 1st place,
STINCKING (stick juggling contest in Japan) 2017 male 1st place, etc.

Other types of juggling equipment you play with:

I have five rings and balls but I can't juggle them well.

Are you a member of any team/group/club/association:
I belong to Musashi high school juggling club.

Why did you choose this juggling tool and where did you first meet with it?

Because when I entered junior high school, I saw students juggling and I thought it was cool.

Where did you learn to play with devilsticks?

I was taught the elementary skills by the seniors of the juggling club I belonged to.

Which trick did you find the most difficult to learn?

3 center sticks cascade.

What are you practicing at the moments?

4 center sticks shower and 3 center sticks 3up 1080°.

Do you have tricks that you invented?

I have developed a some but not many.

What are your favorite tricks?

3 center sticks playing and 2 center sticks trick "donuts".

What is the most difficult trick you can do?

The last trick of this video, it is so difficult.

What is the most difficult trick that you would like to learn?

How to play 5 center sticks cascade.

In what style do you play and what other styles do you like?

I am not conscious of many styles. Recently I practice various techniques in a balanced way.

Do you play with firestick?

I have never used it, so I don't know whether I can do it.

How many hours do you practice on a normal day?

About three hours.

How and where do you practice?

I always practice in school.

Do you perform with devilsticks? How do you create your show?

Yes. First I decided the song and I was thinking about acting on it.

Do you teach juggling?

No, I don't.

Why do you like devilsticks?

Because flowerstick can make a unique movement.

What are your strong/weak points regarding juggling?

The strength is that I can do many tricks with 3 center sticks. The weakness is that I am not good at 1-stick tricks.

What is your goal related to devilsticks? What is a challenge for you?

Paul Rozarie, he is my goal.

How do you imagine yourself when you are old? Will you still juggle?

Sorry, I can't imagine it.

What do you advise to beginner/advanced devilstick players?

Everyday practice leads to success, good luck!