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The Ways of Devilsticking

29/12/2021 14:48
The Ways of Devilsticking

How to play with the devilstick? It is not easy to answer to this question as there are plenty of options to do it but there is no wrong way. 

The conventional way
1 devilstick + 2 handsticks

The most conventional way of playing with the devilstick is when you hold a handstick in each hand and you spin and toss the devilstick with those. However, this is not the only way.

Handplay without handsticks
1 devilstick + 0 handsticks

Some people do not use handsticks, they do all the spinnings and tossings with their hands, arms or sometimes with other body parts.
Usually techno music party-goers prefer playing without handsticks. They dance holding a flowerstick and twirl and shake it to the rythm of the music.
You can apply moves of other juggling props such as twirling baton, staff, penspinning tool while using a flowerstick or devilstick without handsticks.

Multistick handplay
1+ devilsticks + 0 handsticks

As a next step, you can increase the number of devilsticks. Some players use two, three or even four flowersticks during their handstick-free play. These players can apply staff spinning or contact staff moves, isostick techniques or juggling club patterns. Using a flowerstick as a handstick to catch or toss an other flowerstick is also an option.

2 devilsticks + 0 handstick:

3 devilsticks + 0 handstick:

4 devilsticks + 0 handstick:

One-handstick play
1 devilstick + 1 handstick

For the sake of variety, you can try using only one handstick instead of two. This makes a bit harder to keep the devilstick stay in the air. After practicing "the usual" way, it is refreshing to apply the well-known tricks to one handstick and find the way to combine them without losing control.

The participants of the jolleystick game also play only with one handstick.

More than two handsticks
1 devilstick + 2+ handsticks

As an interesting challenge, you can try using more than two handsticks. This is a not a very well explored area so it lets you experiment with new ideas.

1 devilstick + 3 handsticks:

1 devilstick + 3+ handsticks:

Doublestick play
2 devilsticks + 2 handsticks

After playing in the traditional way (2 handsticks + 1 baton) for several months or not infrequently for several years, some people feel ready to move on to practice double stick tricks. Controlling two juggling sticks with two handsticks needs advanced skills and precise focus. A lot of never-before-seen double-stick trick combinations were invented in the last few years thanks to the dedicated devilstick players.

Multiple batons, two handsticks
2+ devilsticks + 2 handsticks

And you do not have to stop here. You can add even more devilsticks to your play. Playing with three conical devilsticks is quiet challenging but not impossible. Performing tricks with three flowersticks is a bit more easier thanks to the tassels. The multistick flowerstick routines usually consist bell tricks, meanwhile the multistick devilstick tricks offen consist balancing.

3 devilsticks + 2 handsticks:

4 devilsticks + 2 handsticks:

There are not many tricks with more than 3 devilsticks... yet... We would like to see more!

Some extras 2+ devilsticks + 2+ handsticks

Do not limit your imagination to the above options! For example, you can try to hold the handstick with other bodyparts like in the video.

We thank all the great stick players that were featured in the videos:

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